About Us

About us

Kvitna is a haute flower cuisine. That's why Kvitna isn't just about flowers. And not just about the service.

Company history

The first bouquets in 2015 were prepared at the apartment. The magical transformation of a set of flowers into designer bouquets took place, of course, in an ordinary kitchen. As in many flower studios, Kvitna's first clients were brides. We remember you, our dear ones :) Now our specialization is flower delivery in Lviv. Extraordinary, exquisite bouquets and compositions for any occasion and without it.

Our values, mission, motto or what is it called in general?

Let's list in the order of logical sequence.

1. Respect your client.

Despite the fact that we are talking about high floral design, we always put the customer's task first. We really appreciate and respect you. And other aspects of our business are considered only through the prism of item number 1.

2. Do not let your customer down.

For many Lviv (and not only Lviv) families we are a family florist. We accompany the family at different times, for example from acquaintanceship bouquets for the first and subsequent dates to birthday bouquets. At some point, we create a bridal bouquet for you. And then we make beautiful and delicate compositions for the baby birth. There are many reasons when an extraordinary bouquet from Kvitna will be appropriate. And we can't fail you in any event.

3. Surprise your client.

In the best sense of this word. Anticipate, and constantly surprise. Only here begins the high floral design. Only here is a place about the level of our service. Only here it is appropriate to mention innovations and new services for the flower market of the country, such as the round-the-clock broadcast of the refrigerator for choosing flowers. For example, an online showcase with ready-made bouquets that no longer need to be agreed upon, the assembly of which no longer needs to wait for it. Bouquets no longer require the replacement of flowers in composition. Which are 100% consistent with the photos and can be delivered almost instantly. Who else has this in Lviv, in Ukraine?

You can talk for a long time about our advantages, but words are not particularly needed here. Just look at our bouquets, there are already 3500+ of them. Read reviews about us on Google, there are already more than 500. Just try to work with us and you will not regret it.

We respect, we appreciate, we surprise and do not fail.

Our team

Our team-our flowers. For 8 years of work with us very different and interesting people managed to work. Someone has been working with us for years, almost from the moment we were founded, someone has come for a while. But we appreciate everyone who made your smiles with us, the smiles on the faces of our recipients. Who did not disappoint, appreciated, respect you and who will do it again and again.

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