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Chrysanthemum bouquets

Chrysanthemums are available all year round, so there shouldn′t be any flower replacements or those changes will be minimal. But it is better to check the availability of the variety and color you need before placing an order. As we use interesting, unusual, stylish varieties of Chrysanthemums.

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1 820 UAH
(~ 51 USD, ~ 47 EUR)
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1 995 UAH
(~ 55 USD, ~ 51 EUR)
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2 375 UAH
(~ 66 USD, ~ 61 EUR)
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1 560 UAH
(~ 43 USD, ~ 40 EUR)
2 630 UAH
(~ 73 USD, ~ 67 EUR)
2 750 UAH
(~ 76 USD, ~ 71 EUR)
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2 720 UAH
(~ 76 USD, ~ 70 EUR)
2 780 UAH
(~ 77 USD, ~ 71 EUR)
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5 220 UAH
(~ 145 USD, ~ 134 EUR)
3 440 UAH
(~ 96 USD, ~ 88 EUR)
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4 845 UAH
(~ 135 USD, ~ 124 EUR)

Chrysanthemum bouquets

The mistress of autumn, her undisputed favorite is the chrysanthemum. Thanks to the achievements of selection, it might be very different – from cheerful daisies in branched inflorescences of bush chrysanthemum, spherical pom-poms to elegant large and lush flowers of Japanese varieties, where long, slightly twisted petals sometimes resemble lush curls, or a sweet dessert cap.

Depending on the choice of chrysanthemum variety, we use it to create free field bouquets or exquisite compositions with an interesting, carefully selected color palette; there are bouquets with the addition of chrysanthemum for every taste, from small ones to really impressive compositions. The color range of these flowers is quite wide – white, yellow, orange, lilac, purple, lavender, red, coral, lime, etc.

We love field-type chrysanthemums for their resilience and hardiness, and classic chrysanthemums for their sophistication and the sense of luxury they bring to our bouquets. Chrysanthemums are available from us all year round, but they look especially appropriate in autumn and winter bouquets; chrysanthemums are great as an accent and are just as great for mono bouquets. A wide selection of our chrysanthemum bouquets and arrangements is presented on our website, and we hope that thanks to it you will discover their beauty and fall in love with the bouquet that we will recreate specifically for you.

If you are interested in composite, designer bouquets, which include Chrysanthemum in a beautiful combination with other flowers – you need to see it: View >>

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