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Flower design of the wedding

Our work on wedding decoration and brides' reviews

Now you are on our main website, which presents bouquets and compositions in the format of an online flower shop.

  • More work on wedding decorations is presented on our wedding website.
  • There are also some reviews of our brides. All reviews can be read on our Facebook page - here

Services and prices for wedding decoration with fresh flowers 

  • Decoration of the wedding hall (in the case of indoor premises) or the area for the exit ceremony.
  • Compositions of flowers on the table of young (from 2500 UAH per table).
  • Flower compositions on the tables of guests (from 800 UAH per table).
  • Decoration of the arch with flowers (from 3000 UAH).
  • Photozone for the wedding (from 4000 UAH).
  • Decoration flowers wedding cake (from 600 UAH).
  • Bouquets to bridesmaids (from 600 UAH), boutonniere to the groom (as a present) and to friends (from 100 UAH).
  • Decoration from flowers - wreaths (from 500 UAH), necklaces from flowers (from 1000 UAH), bracelets (from 300 UAH), belts from flowers (from 1000 UAH), flowers to hair (from 150 UAH).
  • And of course the bridal bouquet is from 1200 UAH.

We can all - set tasks! We embody the language of flowers, even the most grandiose fantasies.

How much does it cost to decorate my wedding?

We can answer how much it will cost to arrange your wedding on a turn-key basis. For this we need more information about your wishes regarding the composition of flowers, the format of the compositions, what colors we will use, in what style the wedding, the date and place of the wedding (restaurant or visiting ceremony), the number of guests, tables. What is the format of the decoration of the presidium (the table of the young), Which of the design is actual - will it be necessary to decorate the wedding arch, photo zone, candy bar, wedding cake.

Without an understanding of the task, details - it is very difficult to answer with what budgets we work.

Describe the task and we will compile a detailed estimate, which will consist of:

  • Expenses for flowers
  • Work of florists
  • Transportation costs
  • Rent of decor

However, the most important thing that you need to know right now is that we will make the project based on your budget and capabilities.

How does this happen? Video-backstage wedding decorations

Natalia and Danil. Restaurant Grushevsky, June 2017



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