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Who to order a bouquet in Ukraine?

Published on: 06.10.2018

Where to buy a really stylish bouquet in Ukraine?

We have prepared a geo-essay reflecting only our taste and experience. It presents both companies and individuals working in our humble opinion "in style".

Please note, florists work in different price ranges. In different styles. Perhaps the only thing in common between these flower studios is that they have their own style. Ordering a bouquet - you do not have to blush for it. You are likely to delight the recipient.

Our wonderful catalog of florists combines the presence of delivery services within their city (and what, someone else does not deliver flowers? !!)

Enough chatter, meet local floristic stars:



Is your flower studio not on the map?

Colleagues! If you are a florist and are surprised why not on the map - this could happen for several reasons:

  1. We do not know yet or simply forgot about you (both can be corrected - contact us!)
  2. Your floristry does not match our idea of good design. Oops, sorry - there's nothing you can do.

Need flowers in Lviv, Ukraine?

Well, if you need to send a stylish bouquet to Lviv, you can not look for "flower delivery Lviv", since you are already at the address, Your Kvitna

Bouquets that are available right now

Bouquets marked as 'Online-Showcase' have just been assembled and are available. They 100% match the photos provided, and most importantly are ready to please the recipient within an hour (if ordered within working hours).

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