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Published on: 01.09.2015

Flowers without water - wedding bouquets - can not physically last more than 3-4 hours without water. Especially if it's summer and heat in the yard.

Brittle flowers for a wedding bouquet: freesia, phalaenopsis, rose, hydrangea, anemone, vibroonum, scabiosa, tulip, neperin, agapanthus, hippestum, antirrinum, lisianthus and others ....

They keep well without water: brunia, eucalyptus, bergrass, succulents, proteas, anthuriums, callas, green dianthus, kraspedia, limonium, ornithogalum, scabiosa (2nd stage of flowering), hyacinth, leucosperum, chamelaceum, trachelium!

Be prepared for the fact that a vase for a bouquet (with water) should be at hand.

Flowers are a very delicate living decor!


P.S. Of course, when ordering a wedding bouquet in Kvitna - you do not need to remember the properties of this or that flower. When creating a bouquet, we take into account all the features.

You can see examples of wedding bouquets in Lviv in our catalog or just below the article.

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