Photo-contest (instagram)

Published on: 06.12.2016

Super-news for our customers, their families and friends. Especially for those who like to fotkat and post in instagram.

Starting from December of this year (2016) in our Instagrams ( - the monthly contest for the most successful photo of the bouquet of Kvitna starts. The winner receives a fruit or vegetable bouquet as a gift! (who missed - yes, we make bouquets of fruits and vegetables - news about it)

Rules of participation
You delivered our bouquet? Excited? Excellent! - photograph the bouquet (1) - publish the photo with the bouquet in your instagram (2) - mentioning us @kvitna (3) - and putting the hash-tag of the contest #kvitnandecember (4) Determine the winner - on the 1st Friday of the next month. The jury publishes on its account the winner's photo, noting the author's photo in the post.

And now the most interesting is who determines the winner?
We represent the jury - professional photographer Boris Gudyma (@bhudyma), known in Lviv (and especially outside of it). Everyone should do his own thing and do it better than anyone else. We create perhaps the best bouquets in our city (yes, we are very modest), but to evaluate the photo - we trust those who are experts in them. Who else has the right to judge a photo as an unrecognized leader of a wedding photo, collecting full groups of listeners from different countries for master classes.

Who can become a participant?
Important point, submit a photo to the contest can not only the customer and / or recipient of the bouquet, but anyone who was close to our bouquet and had the opportunity to beautifully "click" it. So, the main criteria for taking photos to participate in the contest: - author's photo - the presence on the photo of our bouquet (we precisely know it, believe) - the presence of mentioning @kvitna and hashtag #kvitnandecember

Have a good shot!
P.S. And yes, every month - a new hashtag, you guessed it?

Bouquets that are available right now

Bouquets marked as 'Online-Showcase' have just been assembled and are available. They 100% match the photos provided, and most importantly are ready to please the recipient within an hour (if ordered within working hours).

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