Gerbera bouquets

Gerberas are available all year round, so there shouldn′t be any flower replacements or those changes will be minimal. But it is better to check the availability of the variety and color you need before placing an order.

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3 750 UAH
(~ 104 USD, ~ 96 EUR)
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(~ 53 USD, ~ 49 EUR)
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1 720 UAH
(~ 48 USD, ~ 44 EUR)
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1 980 UAH
(~ 55 USD, ~ 51 EUR)
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2 900 UAH
(~ 81 USD, ~ 74 EUR)
2 580 UAH
(~ 72 USD, ~ 66 EUR)
3 200 UAH
(~ 89 USD, ~ 82 EUR)

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If you are interested in composite, designer bouquets, which include Gerbera in a beautiful combination with other flowers - you need to see it: View >>

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