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Bouquets of fruits with delivery in Lviv

Important! Fruit bouquets are no longer doing. If you want to make an order for a bouquet of fruit, please contact us, we will advise colleagues:

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Since November 2016 we have been delighting our customers with stylish bouquets of fruits. We have previously used fruits and sweets in flower compositions (see the category - compositions of flowers, fruits and sweets) since the foundation in 2015, but it is fruit bouquets that we have been doing for a little over a year. Before that, our florists went through special master classes, so that the fruit bouquet was at the same height for design and build quality, as well as bouquets of flowers from Kvitna.

12 000 UAH
(~ 333 USD, ~ 308 EUR)
8 000 UAH
(~ 222 USD, ~ 205 EUR)
11 800 UAH
(~ 328 USD, ~ 303 EUR)
26 000 UAH
(~ 722 USD, ~ 667 EUR)
7 500 UAH
(~ 208 USD, ~ 192 EUR)
7 600 UAH
(~ 211 USD, ~ 195 EUR)
14 000 UAH
(~ 389 USD, ~ 359 EUR)
5 000 UAH
(~ 139 USD, ~ 128 EUR)
4 500 UAH
(~ 125 USD, ~ 115 EUR)
4 500 UAH
(~ 125 USD, ~ 115 EUR)
5 950 UAH
(~ 165 USD, ~ 153 EUR)
6 500 UAH
(~ 181 USD, ~ 167 EUR)
6 600 UAH
(~ 183 USD, ~ 169 EUR)
7 000 UAH
(~ 194 USD, ~ 179 EUR)

What kind of fruit do we make bouquets?

This and exotic fruits, citrus fruits, and all familiar from childhood apples, pears, plums. It all depends on ideas, ideas. Professionally we make a composition, we combine colors, we select packing.

We have already made bouquets of such fruits:
Avocado, Pineapple, Orange, Banana, Grapes, Garnet, Pear, Figs, Kiwi Fruit, Kumquat, Strawberry, Lime, Lemon, Mandarin, Nectarine, Persimmon, Apple, Grapefruit, Plum

Regardless of the selected fruit - the bouquet from Kvitna will be an exquisite design decision.

How much does a fruit bouquet cost?

The price of bouquets starts from 590 UAH. The upper limit of the budget is limited only by your abilities and imagination.

We have baskets of fruit at a price of 1500 UAH. And some luxurious flower-fruit baskets - cost 5000 UAH.

How to buy a fruit bouquet in Lviv, Ukraine?

View among the presented on the site, at the moment in the catalog - about 24 bouquets. Make an order on the site, or on the phone +380980584862. But of course we will make an individual fruit bouquet just for you.

About delivery and order

Delivery of a fruit bouquet (the cost of delivery from 150 UAH within Lviv, free of charge when ordering more than 2500 UAH) is possible on the day of the order. By the time we advise you to order at least for 2.5 hours, as the fruits for each bouquet are purchased separately, which guarantees freshness and a stylish look.

You can pick up the pre-ordered bouquet yourself: Ukraine, Lviv, Lesya Kurbasa, 7.

When and who will like the fruit bouquet?

Always for everyone.

Birthday of the beloved, mom, dad or colleague, New Year. Visit on a visit to relatives or friends. Fruit bouquets are often ordered for a wedding. So, for example, a large basket of fruit (perhaps with the addition of flowers as accents) - will be a solid present from the family or the team.

Perfect, unusual and original gift to the girl, in this case we use stylish light packaging, we can tie the bouquet with ribbons.

Fruit bouquet for the mushin - can be supplemented with red chili pepper. The child also does not remain indifferent to such a tasty gift.

Video master class about the creation of fruit bouquets

In the summer of 2017, we had the privilege of participating in the My Florist program from the Kadriki TV Center.
The hosts are Jana Zaplatinskaya and Diana Baevskaya. Florist Yana Guritskaya, Kvitna.


P.S. And we make bouquets of vegetables

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And a new category in our online flower shop: Mono-bouquets - bouquets with 1 kind of flowers.

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