Bouquets of anemones

Anemone are out of season now! When is Anemone Season? - see in the table.

Video and audio!
2 700 UAH
(~ 75 USD, ~ 69 EUR)
Video and audio!
1 780 UAH
(~ 49 USD, ~ 46 EUR)
Video and audio!
1 610 UAH
(~ 45 USD, ~ 41 EUR)
1 540 UAH
(~ 43 USD, ~ 39 EUR)
1 950 UAH
(~ 54 USD, ~ 50 EUR)










On the showcase we've got bouquets

that are just created, in stock

and can be handed out to the courier within 5 minutes!











Julia, Maria, Tatiana?

Named bouquet for angel day - is a bomb

see calendar and collection











The real presence of flowers

in our refrigerator

watch the video broadcast











White, red, blue

choose yourself ...

Choose a bouquet by color!











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Individual bouquet

create by recipient

so straight WOW!


If you are interested in composite, designer bouquets, which include Anemones in a beautiful combination with other flowers - you need to see it: View >>

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