Bouquet Warm Autumn

Warm autumn bouquet

SKU: 322
Availability: On request (We'll make a bouquet and deliver it to the recipient the same day if ordered by 4 p.m and all flowers are available)
1 150 UAH (~ 46 USD, ~ 40 EUR)
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  • 10.01.2019 14:18
    Передивився кввти у інших..ви нацкращі..
    Дякую..дуже гарна дизайнерська робота букета..сподобалось дуже

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How to order Bouquet Warm Autumn

How to order:

  1. Through our online store
  2. Phone: +380682960995
  3. Email:
  4. Messengers: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram – number (+380980584862)
  5. Social Media (Facebook):
  6. Online Chat: Start a chat
  7. Order a free call

Price of the bouquet

Please note that the prices (1 150 UAH), on our site are in UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnas), for your convenience we have also specified the approximate prices in USD and EUR respectively. During the payment process you will be charged for the sum in your card’s currency that is equivalent to the stated price in UAH (according to the conversion exchange rate of ‘Privatbank’).


It is very easy to pay for the bouquet! There are 2 simple ways:

  1. Visa/MasterCard. You can pay for your order right on the site with your credit card issued by any bank worldwide, it is fast and secure (Visa/MC). To do this you need to make an order for a bouquet of your choice (clicking «Order now» or «Add to cart» button). After filling out and submitting the simple form, where you should pick the delivery date, enter your contact details, delivery address and Recipient’s contact details) – You will be redirected to the payment page. Although the price is indicated in UAH – You can easily pay with a card of any currency and issued by any bank worldwide. You will be charged with the sum in your card’s currency, according to the exchange rates of ‘Privatbank’ (see below for details).
  2. Payment through the link. You can pay for your order right now using the provided link (without submitting an order – Tell us about your payment and just specify the SKU of the bouquet and your contact details). Here’s the link: payment link
  3. If both payment methods stated above are not suitable for you – please, contact us, and we’ll solve this issue and offer You several alternative options.


Flowers and flower arrangements delivery terms:

Kvitna has its own delivery service. We hand-deliver bouquets only by ourselves; so we do not use external delivery services, and work only in Lviv.

  1. We deliver bouquets and flower arrangements in Lviv. Just ask us to get the cost of delivery to your specific address. As a matter of practice, it is about 100 UAH; the delivery to some remote areas of Lviv might be more expensive. Orders over 2000 UAH are delivered free of charge (within the city limits).
  2. The recipient of the bouquet can also pick it up at our workshop in the center of Lviv at the following address: Lviv, st. K. Levitskogo, 11
  3. Delivery outside working hours is also possible (for example late at night or very early in the morning), the cost of delivery in such cases is determined individually.
  4. Delivery to other nearby cities is possible as well; just ask us for the details.

Please pay attention! For the most attentive ones we’ve got a small bonus – We can deliver your bouquet absolutely for free regardless the sum, with any order. Just ask us in live-chat right now how you can get a free bouquet delivery :)


The advantages of our bouquets and ordering from us:

  1. Bouquet design. Our bouquets are definitely more beautiful. It is easily seen just by looking at the websites of other flower delivery services in Lviv. Our bouquets are not just beautiful; they are extraordinary, stylish, and exquisite. We’ve been studying floristic design for a long time and learning from the best and most skillful international specialists out there
  2. WOW-effect. Our bouquets do have that magic mesmerizing and captivating effect, they really enrapture their recipients! Photos with our bouquets are posted on Instagram, often set as Avatars or background images for Facebook profile pages.
  3. We are local! We are the Lviv florists, and all the bouquets, flower arrangements and compositions, flower baskets presented on the website are made with caring hands of our skillful florists.
  4. Our own delivery service. We hand-deliver bouquets only by ourselves; we do not use external delivery services, and work only in Lviv.
  5. We work without intermediaries. We work directly with you during the whole process of your order. We do not work with a large number of partners. Commonly, our colleagues collect orders for the bouquets through the web site, accept payment from you, but then completely different people (or even a chain of intermediaries) make and deliver the bouquets afterwards. In such cases, some disappointing mishaps can occur and delivery might be messed up; and the bouquet can be of a completely different level and quality than the one you ordered and expected to receive.
  6. We develop and nurture our brand. While working under someone else’s brand, partners of online flower shops do not always pour their hearts and souls into bouquet creation process; they perceive the order as one-time. Every bouquet is a piece of our soul! We are striving to work so that you come back to us again and again, which means everything must be done impeccably.
  7. We are not just florists, we are stylists and good psychologists. Just looking at the recipient’s photograph, we often already know what flowers will suit her best, what she might be enthralled by!
  8. Unusual flowers. We like using interesting, unusual flowers in our exclusive bouquets. Exotic and stylish. Of course, we can make the impeccable classics for you as well, for instance, 51, 101, 501 or even 1001 roses. But if you want the recipient to be surprised and astounded by your top-notch bouquet, then you are exactly at the right place .
  9. Our bouquets do live longer! Of course, we use only the freshest flowers. However, it is not the only secret. Due to the use of exotic and “sturdy” flowers, that don’t wither for a long period of time, we can make a bouquet that will stay “alive” much longer, ensuring the maximum longevity of your gift, and showing its recipient your attitude and your feelings, which you intended to convey with the help of flowers.

Order a bouquet Bouquet Warm Autumn now?

Warm autumn bouquet

At the price of 1 150 UAH

Order in 1 click or just call us at: +380682960995


Maksym Huk

Просто сказочные букеты! Гармоничные, сделанные с вниманием к деталям - чувствуется любовь к своему делу  Постоянное хорошее настроение гарантировано Хотя и раньше пользовался услугами флористов, но здесь как настоящее откровение было. Есть вот букеты, а есть букеты от KVITNA  Вообще из другой лиги

Оригинал отзыва

Sabi Petrova

Много слышала положительных отзывов о компании и решила воспользоваться их услугами! У Яны невероятное чувство прекрасного! Букет получился нежным и супер-красивым!)) Осталась очень довольна!! Спасибооооо

Оригинал отзыва

Евгения Бойко

Очень красивые букеты. Необычные, стильные. Снопы это просто шедевры флористики.
Очень жаль, что компания не представлена в Киеве. К такой красоте доступ должен быть у всех желающих во всех регионах страны.

Оригинал отзыва

Замовлення букета в 1 клік